Fusions Art Gallery


Upon walking into Fusions Art Gallery, one is exposed to a delightful array of artwork. Of the eighty-six artists that line the walls, ceiling, and floors of the gallery, thirty-percent are from the Grays Harbor area and all are Pacific Northwest locals.

Fusions owner, Stuart May, has lived in Ocean Shores for the past ten years and opened his gallery to help launch the careers of local artists. He describes his store as a “launch pad for creative genius.”

May has the ability to transform a visit to his gallery from a mere shopping trip to a memorable experience. As he simply states, “We are a fun gallery with real artists.”

May understands the joys and challenges of being an artist as he has been a photographer for the past seventeen years, specializing in nature pieces. His passion for photography began when he started spending time in the wilderness. He says, “I brought my camera and became addicted.”

The owner places a strong emphasis on customer service. May has a goal to create a dialogue with each customer that visits his gallery. His desire to engage his customers is illustrated by this statement: “Every one will laugh before they leave.”

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07 Jul 2012

By Sadie Sorensen