North Coast Taxi... More Than Just a Cab Ride

06/25/2012 by

The North Coast Taxi cab can be spotted around Ocean Shores at all hours of the day and night with its conspicuous cherry red paint job and signature orca whale. This cab service has become an important fixture to many in the Ocean Shores community.

North Coast Taxi provides services beyond that of a typical cab company. The owner, Brian Sorensen, offers tours of our beach community, highlighting attractions based on the interests of the person.  Whether you take a tour of local stores, restaurants, or even venture out to the jetty to experience nature, the trip will be entertaining and educational and will only cost around 20 dollars.

“A lot of people don’t realize there’s a lake, so I like to show them around there. I also like to take them out to the wildlife refuge,” said Sorensen when asked about his favorite places to take people.

He is also willing to drive customers along the beach. This is an activity that many are hesitant of because it is easy to get caught in the sand or have your car washed out to sea. However, Sorensen is experienced at driving on the sand and knows the proper times of day to venture out for a drive. 

Brian Sorensen moved to the beach from Sumner, Washington around four years ago with the intention of starting his own taxi company. So far it has been a worthwhile adventure for this local entrepreneur.

“You always meet new people and nothing is ever the same. It’s fun and it’s always changing,” Sorensen says about his profession.

Keep an eye out for the bright red taxi next time you are out and about in Ocean Shores!